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Born in china. He studied art at the famous Art Institute of China. He has dedicated many years to the practice of watercolor and has exhibited his work in Hong Kong, Tokio, Shanghai and Pekin. In Colombia his work is well known, not only in Bogota, but in several other cities.
He came to Colombia en 1984, where he continues his painting and teaching at the National University and to a great many of private students. His work describes Colombian landscapes and ways of life, which are very appreciated by many private collectors.

Was bom in Tianjin in 1942, but it was in Colombia where he discovered the light of the tropics, which has been of great influence in the exquisite colors of his work in the which he borrows the best artistic elements from two different worlds. The traditional painting techniques of the East and the watercolor techniques and perspective of the new world. These two elements together create his unique style.

Since he came to Colombia en 1984, he has traveled through the country painting the different landscapes, from the high mountains to the tropical jungle.

Today his workshop is visited by students from all the country, eager to learn his unique style and technique.


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